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((They may disagree on how it happened, but deep down they’re both glad it did.))

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((An update! Thanks to everyone who stuck with us or even joined us during the hiatus. We’re delighted at how popular this blog has become, even without updates, much more than we expected for a simple askblog for an OC in a minor fandom. For example, this blog is now on the first page of google results for “drider,” and that’s AMAZING. We have tentative plans for a more regular update schedule, and are excited about all the cool asks we have to answer. Not to spoil anything, but we have some awesome stuff in store.))

((Additionally! Co-mod Aiffe now has an artblog, over at vampyrrhicvictory, which is absolutely a quality pun.))

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((As if his appearance wasn’t ruined enough, she had to give him a scar too….))

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((It’s complicated, really….))

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((Gosh Ista, would you like some pearls to clutch? It wasn’t even about you…))

((I solemnly swear this is all about the worldbuilding…especially those little loincloths….because it’s hot. *cough* In the Underdark. The temperature. But yeah. A tiny peek into class and gender in a drow city.))

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So, that’s Sorrel. Human, good with pointy things.

((We’ve noticed some correspondence from RP blogs—in-character asks and replies are as welcome as OOC ones, and we love seeing what you guys come up with, but we thought you should be aware that we don’t keep up with replies/long RP threads. As an art blog, that’s a bit too labor-intensive for us, and we want to focus on asks—we’ve got over 50 of them, so we’ve already got plenty to do! We hope everyone will continue to enjoy sending asks and seeing the art on this blog. <3))

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((If the text on any of our stuff is too small to read, you can right click + open in new tab to view it full size.))


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((The reason we took days on this is because, well…that’s not random scribbles on that picture there. (Can you even see it at that size? x___x all for naaaught) It’s a LANGUAGE.

Yes, several days and at least one sleepless night, and we wrestled actual grammatical sense into that. We used some vocabulary from (some of which is from official sources), though there weren’t words for everything we wanted to say, and some of the words seemed too close to English or showed a patriarchal bias, so some of it is original. And though the text is hand-written, it’s based on a font by Neale Davidson, which is based on the Elvish script in 3E D&D. But unlike most drow language used in campaigns and around the internet, this has its own distinct syntax, and uses cases (EIGHT of them, send help) rather than prepositions. It doesn’t resemble English all that much, and does not translate word for word.

We may post more information on how to use this language if there’s interest!))

((Whew! Ask?))

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((I think he thinks you mean a social disease….you might have to put it in terms a medieval elf can understand. XD))

((We’ve got lots of awesome asks we’re working on, but we always love getting more! Ask us stuff!))

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((Just so everyone’s on the same page, we’re not following 4E canon here. There’s a bit of 3.5, a bit of Forgotten Realms, and honestly a lot of new stuff. We hope you’ll come to our world with an open mind!))

((As always, askbox is open!))